Hiram College

Physics 375: Solid State Physics (Sample)

Instructor: Mark Taylor

Office: Gerstacker 118
Phone: 569-5241
email:   taylormp@hiram.edu

Office Hours:

MWF 2:00-5:00, T 10:00-1:00, Th 1:00-6:00

Meeting Times:

MWF 9:30-10:50; Gerstacker 10


Introductory Solid State Physics, 2nd edition, by H.P. Myers

Course Overview:

This course will provide an introduction to the concepts and methods of solid state physics. The general area of condensed matter physics is quite broad and the range of applications is huge, especially in the areas of materials and electronics.  Our studies will focus on the mechanical, thermal, electrical, and magnetic properties of crystalline solids.  These topics require a number of different theoretical approaches the most important of which will be statistical and quantum mechanics.  In the lab we will use X-ray scattering techniques to probe the structure of crystalline solids and carry out bulk electrical and thermal measurements to elucidate the electronic properties of semiconductors.

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Course Information Sheet Syllabus

Problem Sets

Problem Set 01 Problem Set 07
Problem Set 02 Problem Set 08
Problem Set 03 Problem Set 09
Problem Set 04 Problem Set 10
Problem Set 05 Problem Set 11
Problem Set 06


Experiment 2 (Laue Diffraction)
Experiment 3 (Bragg Diffraction)
Experiment 4 (Debye-Scherrer)
Experiment 5 (Band Gap)