Hiram College

A firm foundation for the future

A Hiram education ensures that students have been exposed to studies across many disciplines and graduate with the critical thinking skills needed to pursue a variety of career fields or enter graduate study. Hiram College physics majors gain the practical experience needed to go into the world and solve problems, coupled with the intensive scientific and mathematic knowledge necessary to understand the complexity and real-world application of laws of the universe. Hiram students stand out from their peers because of their early and frequent exposure to hands-on work and research.

Types of careers our students pursue

The strength and depth of Hiram’s physics program has prepared our graduates for a range of successful careers in the professional workforce and in graduate school. In fact, more than half of Hiram physics majors pursue graduate school, and they consistently find themselves well prepared – whether they choose to study engineering, a physics specialty, medical school, law school or another discipline. Hiram physics students have attended graduate-level work at a number of prestigious universities, including Lehigh University, Vanderbilt University, Ohio University, Case Western Reserve University, Purdue University, the University of Rochester and the University of Virginia. A recent graduate also attended University of North Carolina – Charlotte for a master’s degree in motorsports engineering.

Recent alumni also have entered the professional workforce in a variety of jobs including:

  • Air traffic controller
  • Lawyer
  • Geological, systems or other forms of engineering
  • Physician
  • Educator
  • Medical researcher