Hiram College

Art 248: Creative Space: Studio Art Experience in Florence & Tuscany

Associate Professor of Art, Christopher Ryan

The Program

Florence will be the primary focus and base of operations, but the group will also travel to many of these exceptional locations: the hill towns of Fiesole and Cortona, the medieval stone cities of Siena and San Gimignano, and the walled city of Lucca. In these distinctive locations, students will be encouraged to experience and respond artistically to visits to museums, churches, palaces, cafes, open air markets, intimate gardens, and other spaces, both public and remote. Students will have some free time to travel, shop, and explore, and will have ample opportunity to enjoy the excellent cuisine and spirited way of life that characterize Tuscany.


Students will create an artist’s journal consisting of both visual artwork and reflective writing through which they will explore their perceptions and ideas about the world around them. In addition to art making, students will be exposed to many of the historic sites and artistic treasures of the past, and will also have the opportunity to visit the studios of contemporary Florentine artists and take in the local art gallery scene.

For more information visit the Study Abroad website or email mickks@hiram.edu.