Hiram College

Photography Minor

Traditional Undergraduate

Passion for Photography

At Hiram College, the study and practice of a craft is paired with an interdisciplinary liberal arts education, providing arts students a variety of career and graduate school options. The photography minor complements many major areas of study and gives students a creative outlet for their passions.


Photography students learn the fundamentals of both fine art photography and commercial photography using all methods of production, including: traditional darkrooms, silver-based printing, digital color, large format and pinhole.

The study of visual communications is an important one. Photography helps us visualize complex ideas to better understand what is important to us and communicate in a different format than a written one. Through photography we share express what we find beautiful, interesting, ugly or inspiring with others.

Open to all students

On Hiram’s campus, performing and creating aren’t just reserved for students with a major in the arts. Non-majors also have opportunities to sing in the choir; showcase paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs; play instruments in ensembles and act or design for theatre arts productions. Many of the College’s arts programs are designed to allow students of any discipline to double major, and the small class sizes mean that everyone gets an opportunity for one-on-one instruction with our experienced faculty.

A major/minor in the arts may be right for you if you enjoy:

  • being creative and original
  • critical thinking
  • variety in your work
  • nontraditional work hours
  • examining history and different cultures
  • sharing your work with an audience
  • engaging your senses

    The 1,200 square foot gallery is designed for the display of two and three dimensional artwork, as well as installations and digital video and sound exhibitions, and features professional lighting, security, and archives.


    A re-purposed factory with 26,000 square feet of studio, classroom, lab, and gallery space, the Gelbke Fine Arts Center offers an optimal learning environment, as well as opportunities for students, community members, staff, and faculty to exhibit their work.

Christopher Ryan Headshot

Christopher Ryan, M.F.A.

Associate Professor of Art
Gelbke Fine Arts Center Director

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