Hiram College

Requirements for Minors

A minor in philosophy requires 6 courses adding up to at least 20 hours, which must include:

  • One other class from the History of Philosophy Sequence (21000, 21100, 21200, 21300, 37000, 37500),
  • One 40000 level Philosophy Seminar.
  • The remaining three courses are electives, though Logic is strongly recommended. Only one 10000-level class besides PHIL 12100 Elementary Logic can count towards the minor requirements.

Acceptable Electives from other departments include:

  • Classical Political Philosophy, POLS 37300
  • Modern Political Philosophy, POLS 27400
  • Selected Topics in Political Philosophy, POLS 47900
  • American Thought, POLS 31900

For full descriptions, see the Course Catalog.