Hiram College

Philosophy Minor

Traditional Undergraduate

Developing critical thinking skills

Philosophy is an engaging, challenging minor that has rigorous standards of writing and argumentation. It raises the most fundamental and enduring questions about ourselves, our obligations, and our world.


Our Philosophy Program

Philosophy is traditionally understood as a love of the truth. It strives for the truth in its most broad and fundamental forms. As our philosophy minors quickly discover, the ideas that seem obvious or beyond question are the ones that need to be questioned most.

Our mission is to help philosophy minors develop a critical, reflective and interrogative attitude towards values and beliefs. Our curriculum is grounded in the careful study of primary texts from the history of philosophy so students understand significant and enduring questions, arguments, and texts of the history of philosophical thought. The program also involves the rigorous examination of contemporary ethical problems we face every day.

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Colin Anderson Headshot

Colin Anderson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Director of Hiram Connect
George and Arlene Foote Chair in Ethics and Values

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