Hiram College

Major and Minor Options

Performing Arts students have the option of pursuing a major or a minor in the department to help meet their future career goals.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the major in Performing Arts will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an appreciation for the ancient (yet immediate) conventions and complexity of the performing arts by a) analyzing the social and political forces that have influenced and do influence the functions and roles of the performing arts; b) examining reasons why cultures value the performing arts; c) sharing evaluations of texts and performance events using appropriate criteria.
  • Investigate how the performing arts celebrate what it means to be human by a) demonstrating an understanding of how the performing arts illuminate historical, social, political and cultural contexts; b) Identifying similarities and differences between art forms; and c) integrating concepts and skills acquired through other disciplines and life experiences into their work in theatre, music and/or dance.
  • Serve communities as knowledgeable, disciplined and reflective artists who can a) identify significant contributions by writers, performers, designers, technicians, directors, producing organizations and innovators to the field; b) demonstrate appropriate level of craftsmanship in utilizing the tools and technical skills associated within their chosen art form(s), c) create and/or produce meaningful creative work and performance events; d) observe and respond critically to performance as artists, arts leaders and audience members.
  • Anticipate his/her/their next challenge by a) gaining transferable interpersonal and organizational skills through experiences within the performing arts; b) demonstrating professional skills applicable to success in an arts-related career, c) articulating the significance of music, dance and/or theater, as well as the role of the art form(s) within the liberal arts and the benefits of lifelong learning.