Hiram College

Performance and Production Opportunities

Performing Arts

What will you create within these walls?

From the costume shop to the practice room to the stage, our students learn the workings of technical design as well as performance craft. Our students are successful in the arts because they are flexible, creative, and well-rounded artists.

Music Ensembles

Interested in an ensemble or music opportunity? Watch for auditions in your student email once classes start or reach out to stevensonan@hiram.edu. All ensembles must be taken for 1 or 0 credit. There are a limited number of instruments available for student use for band and instrumental ensembles. If you join an ensemble, you can qualify for the private lesson scholarships available, too!

  • Main-Stage Productions

    Each semester, at least one large main stage performing arts production is offered. The plays are chosen to develop our students’ current interests, talents, and skills while asking them to reach outside their comfort zone. Students can act, run crew, build sets, direct, manage house, and so much more!

  • Musical, Reviews, and Opera Workshops

    At least every other year, a musical, musical review, or opera workshop is offered. These shows require lots of hard work and dedication, but the result is always incredible. Music, dancing, acting, and design are all an integral part of these performances.

  • Design and Technical Positions

    Classes and job positions are offered for lighting, sound, stage, costume, and make-up design at Hiram. You can learn how to write scripts, run a sewing machine, build sets, wire lighting, create production programs, and more. Better yet, you can learn to do it all! How many schools can say that?

  • Student-Directed 10-Minute Plays

    Students all over campus come to audition for the 10-Minutes. Students direct, star in, (sometimes write) and lead the technical design aspects of these shows. Afraid you can’t memorize lines? Don’t worry! These shows are all script-in-hand.

Other Performing Arts Opportunities


From choosing a script, casting, and blocking to building a set and finding an audience, these shows happen in less than 24 hours. This heart-racing opportunity will develop your theatre skills in unimaginable ways.


Students can explore composing music in various styles, from song-writing to chamber music and music for large ensembles, with opportunities for performance of their works at student concerts and recitals.

Concerts & Recitals

Faculty, students, and community members all perform within our Music Hall. You could perform in your senior recital or show off everything you have learned in your private lesson. You may even see a guest performer from around the world.


Student-run for students, H-tech provides many of the sound and lighting technology for events on campus. From dances to talent shows, H-Tech is vital in making many shows visible and audible.

Master Classes and Guest Artists

Along with guest master classes, students also have the opportunity to work with the Cleveland Opera Company and take trips to a variety of local performances or venues for student performance.

Music Technology Course

Learn how computer notation and sequencing programs are used in creating music!

Play Readings

An important skill that all actors should learn is the art of oral interpretation. Picking up a script and interpreting the character without any prior knowledge is hard, but it is often asked of actors at auditions. At Hiram, we try to ease that hardship by offering script readings throughout the year so that students can discover the meaning in a work of dramatic literature. After practicing once or twice, a group of students (and sometimes alumni) comes together and reads a full-length play in front of an audience.

Theatre Guild

This student-led club hosts the 10-minute shows, the Casey Theatre Awards, Blitz, script readings, and so much more to develop the theatrical skills of our students. They also take excursions to local shows, some of which our alumni participate in!