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Students and community members join this incredible ensemble. Directed by Olu Manns, this group plays at a fall concert and in the Intercultural Forum Show every spring.

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    "Performing music of other cultures is one of the most interesting and useful ways to engage with the values and belief systems of other societies," says Prof. José Ramos-Torres.

One instructor and five students play African DrumsAfrican Ensemble is offered as 0 or 1 credits. Students can choose to stay for the semester, or they visit for one class to join in the fun (but most students stay once they try it)! The ensemble plays together once a week.

Part of the college experience is gaining awareness and understanding of the diverse cultures and peoples of the world.

In Western culture, music is thought of in a very passive way, having no physical impact on everyday life; yet, in many cultures throughout the world, music takes an active part in the construction of social life. This is especially true among many African groups of people. Music is a medium for healing disease, religious rituals, and active music-making (music and dance together). It’s an ever-present part of life. 

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Abigail Stevenson, B.A.

Campus Visit and Transition Services Coordinator