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Peace Corp Preparatory Training Program

Hiram College began offering a Peace Corps Preparatory Program in Fall 2014. We are among the first colleges/universities in Ohio to offer a program officially designated as preparation for Peace Corps service.

peace-corps-logoThe Advantage of Liberal Arts Study for the Peace Corps

The program’s curriculum is designed to prepare students to serve in the Peace Corps upon graduation. Completion does not guarantee placement in the Peace Corps, but makes you a stronger candidate. At Hiram College, our values of service learning, global reach and making a change in the world are closely aligned with the Peace Corps. For that reason, many alumni have found the Peace Corps to be a natural transition to the liberal arts education they receive at Hiram.

Benefits of Joining the Peace Corps

More than 215,000 volunteers have served 139 countries since the Peace Corps’ inception in 1961. The organization sends Americans abroad to serve in areas of education, health, the environment, economic development, youth development, agriculture and more, to create sustainable change that lives on long after their service.

Aside from the significant accomplishments and contributions volunteers make during their service, benefits of joining the Peace Corps include:

  • Public student loans may be eligible for deferment, and Perkins loans may be eligible for cancellation
  • Language, cross-cultural and technical training
  • Full medical and dental coverage
  • Unique graduate school opportunities
  • Transition and job support and social networking after services
  • Advantages in federal employment
  • Development of skills suitable for the global marketplace

Hiram College students who complete the Peace Corps Preparatory Program will receive an enhanced liberal arts education, making them uniquely prepared to serve in the Peace Corps or wherever they choose to leave their footprint.

How Can I Join the Peace Corps?


Curricular Highlights of the Program

The Peace Corps Preparatory Program is well integrated into our broad liberal arts curriculum, and it builds on our strong tradition of service learning and study abroad. Below are the general courses you’ll want to take to prepare for a fulfilling career in the Peace Corps:


  • Four courses in a single language.
  • Two years of coursework with a focus on economics, management, history, sociology, political science, or an interdisciplinary field related to (a) contemporary global issue(s).
  • At least one co-curricular experience, including study abroad, a volunteer/service project, internship, teaching experience, etc.
  • Three courses in education, if you wish to teach in the Peace Corps.

To learn more about the curriculum suggested by Hiram College’s Peace Corps Prep Program, visit our Curriculum page.

  • A Long Legacy

    As a college, we are proud of our alumni who have chosen to enter the Peace Corps. We look forward to expanding and building upon that tradition.

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Merose Hwang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History
Program Coordinator for Asian Studies Minor and the Peace Corps Prep Program
Advisor for the Eclectic Scholars Honors Program

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