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The Future is Bright in Nursing


Nursing Program Purpose
The purpose of the Hiram College Nursing Program is to prepare students for entry into the health care profession, able to serve as clinically competent, ethically grounded, socially and culturally responsible professional nurses who set high standards for practice, believe in the dignity of all humans, and use state of the art technologies in combination with therapeutic use of self to provide high quality nursing care, ready for entry as a generalist into professional nursing practice.

Nursing Program Mission
The mission of the Department of Nursing at Hiram College is to prepare clinically competent, ethically grounded, socially and culturally responsible professional nurses who are prepared to think critically and participate as leaders in the delivery of health and nursing care. The liberal arts tradition prepares students to think analytically and respond holistically. This tradition, grounded in the understanding that knowledge is interrelated and interdisciplinary, prepares persons to be keen and critical observers of the world, identifying issues, determining alternatives, and participating in solutions. These skills, combined with knowledge and skills in the discipline of nursing are essential to the preparation of individuals ready to serve as professional nurses.

Nursing Program Vision Statement
Honoring the college’s historic tradition of preparing students to serve the world, the nursing program’s mission is guided by a global vision of nursing preparation and clinical practice rooted in democratic values and ideals. Professional nurses must be agents of change who recognize the societal purpose of nursing and who work collaboratively within the knowledge of the discipline of nursing to transform society. These professional nurses will value diversity, exhibit ethical behavior, promote social justice and recognize and act on the belief that all individuals deserve competent and compassionate nursing care.

The expected outcomes/objectives aim at meeting of the program goals to prepare graduates who are clinically competent, ethically grounded, and socially and culturally responsible:

Patient Centered Care

Applies theories to practice using the nursing process to create safe, quality nursing care beneficial to promotion of the health of individuals, families, groups, and communities

Evidence-Based Practice/Research

Understands the major concepts, assumptions, debates, processes of inquiry and ways of knowing central to the discipline of nursing
Integrates evidence and research into practice


Develops therapeutic nursing-patient relationships which evidence honesty, sincerity, care, and respect for human dignity and privacy
Functions as a collaborative member of the interdisciplinary health care team in helping patients achieve health, comfort, and well-being

Professional Nursing Role

Evidences commitment to the ongoing pursuit of knowledge
Thinks systematically regarding their practice and learns from experiences
Subscribes to the professional nursing Codes of Ethics


Approaches the delivery of nursing care in innovative and creative ways
Exhibits autonomy and decision-making ability and leadership/management skills
Understands the relationship of political, economic, social, cultural and ideological issues, health policy, and the power relationships that exist in healthcare

Prevention and Population Health

Advocates for the well-being of vulnerable individuals and populations, both domestically and globally

The Future is bright for careers in Nursing and Hiram College is a great place to pursue a Nursing Degree!

Nursing continues its trajectory as one of the country’s largest growing career fields. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be more than 1 million job openings for registered nurses by 2022. Most employers express a preference for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and the number will continue to grow. “The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) recognizes the Bachelor of Science degree in nursing as the minimum educational requirement for professional nursing practice” (AACN, 2000).

Nursing is an inspiring profession with opportunities for growth that are nearly unlimited. Work hours are flexible, the salary is competitive, and the areas of practice are numerous and personally fulfilling.

Why choose Hiram for your nursing degree? 

  • Our reputation for excellence in the liberal arts and sciences
  • Our nationally recognized biomedical humanities program
  • Small classes and personalized attention
  • Professors who provide individual advisement
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Unique learning opportunities

Hiram College Department of Nursing Honors and Awards:

  • Mein Kind Brunhilde Scholarship Award
  • Nursing Departmental Honors
  • Davina J. Gosnell Award for Service and Leadership in Nursing
  • Hiram College Award for Academic Excellence in Nursing
  • The Summit/Portage District ONA Award for Leadership
  • The Terrier Talent Athletic Award 


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Jeff Mongold, Associate Director of Admission

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Dr. Jennie Wood, Ph.D., RN, Interim Nursing Program Director

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