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As with all programs of study, a Hiram College admissions professional reviews nursing program applicants individually. Each file is also reviewed by the nursing department in a holistic manner. Applicants should demonstrate better-than-average to superior academic attainment in the college preparatory core curriculum and standardized test scores that reflect a high level of achievement. Applicants may also submit supporting criteria such as co-curricular involvement and an essay demonstrating writing skill to supplement the holistic review process.

Recommendations for direct admission to the nursing major

In addition to the general Hiram College admission requirements, it is recommended that students interested for direct admission to the nursing major have:

  • A 2.8 or higher high school GPA
  • An ACT composite score of 22, with a math and scientific reasoning sub-score of 22 or higher or
  • An SAT combined score of 1000 or higher (combined reading and math)
  • Completion of high school Biology, Chemistry, and Algebra I and II with a grade of “B” or better in each

*Students that do not meet direct admission criteria may be eligible for admission to Hiram on a traditional pathway with a modified curriculum to increase student success in the program.

Hiram College ensures that all qualified students who enroll in its Bachelor of Science in Nursing program are guaranteed a seat in the program with satisfactory completion of all first year course requirements at or above a minimum achievement level at Hiram College, see yearly progression requirements.

TRANSFER STUDENT or VETERAN, please click here for admission requirements.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS, please click here for admission requirements.

Yearly Progression

Progression from Direct Admission Nursing to the Nursing Major

The nursing sequence begins in year 2 of the Nursing Curriculum. Enrolled students wishing to continue in the nursing major or transfer to the nursing program complete a Declaration of Major form early in the spring semester, prior to fall course registration, and prior to beginning the nursing clinical sequence. In addition, the following criteria will be necessary for declaration to the nursing major:

  • Completion of all first-year biology courses, or their equivalents, with a minimum of C or higher
  • Completion of Psychology and Sociology with a minimum of C or higher
  • Achievement of a 2.0 minimum cumulative GPA

*All students are required to submit background check results prior to beginning clinical practice

Progression within the Nursing Program

*Many nursing courses have a didactic as well as a laboratory and/or clinical component. Students must satisfactorily complete each component of the course. An unsatisfactory grade in the clinical or lab component will result in failure of the course.

  • A 2.0 cumulative GPA or higher at the conclusion of each semester in order to progress in nursing courses. The progress of students whose overall GPA falls below the required 2.0 GPA for any given semester will also have their record reviewed by the Hiram College Academic Review Board where recommendations are made regarding continued enrollment in the College. If the student is eligible to remain at the college with a GPA below 2.0, core and electives would need to be taken to raise the GPA to a 2.0 before further enrollment in nursing courses.
  • A C or higher in the nursing support courses, including: CHEM 10500 Physiological Chemistry; BIOL 26500, Human Genetics; MATH 11000, Computations for Nursing; IES 31100 Nutrition & Fitness; INTD 30200, Narrative Bioethics; BIMD Global Health and Nursing Issues.
  • A course grade of C or higher in each nursing course having only a didactic component.
  • A course grade of C or higher in each clinical nursing course; and a satisfactory clinical evaluation for courses having a didactic/lab and clinical component. Students who are unsuccessful in any component of the course (didactic, clinical or lab) will receive no higher than a C- for the course grade. A clinical unsatisfactory results in failure of the course

Graduation Requirements

  • Each of the nursing courses must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or higher
  • All college core and elective requirements must be completed with a minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Completion of all coursework as outlined in the nursing curriculum requirements
  • If elected, completion of the requirements for a declared minor in another field (psychology, biomedical humanities, public health, etc.)
  • Satisfactory completion of all other program requirements, including the completion of the Senior Capstone project and presentation.


Admission Office


Jennie Wood, Ph.D., R.N., Interim Nursing Program Director