Hiram College

Student Nurse Association

The Hiram Student Nurse Association was established in academic year 2008-09. The association was designed with the purpose of guiding the vision of the organization in a direction that respects and represents the goals and aspirations of both the nursing department and Hiram College.

The purpose of the Hiram Student Nurse Association is to unify the nursing students of Hiram College by promoting a supportive community.  Through collaborative efforts, this organization creates a support system for nursing students while gaining knowledge and experience about the art and profession of nursing.  Guided by an adviser and elected officials, HSNA encourages students to serve the Hiram College community through a nursing perspective.  The Hiram Student Nurse Association abides by the policies and standards of the nursing department, student senate, and Hiram College, to maintain respect for the reputation and respect of both the program and college. Membership is open to any Hiram College student interested in becoming a part of the student nursing organization. The Hiram College Nurse Association does not exclude members based on any of the following:  race, color, creed, sex, disability, age, or sexual orientation.

The Hiram Student Nurse Association meets regularly in an effort to support membership and to encourage collaboration with other campus student organizations.  In the past the association and its members have sponsored such events as the Fall Halloween Bash, the Cocoa Cram during finals week as a fun means of preparing for final exams, co-sponsored a ribbon awareness event with MEDICUS, co-sponsored the Go Red event on campus, raising awareness for Women’s Heart Health as well as holding a Spring Valentine’s Day Extravaganza, where they made valentines to distribute to nursing home residents in the area.  In addition, members of the association have made Christmas cards to be distributed to nursing home residents in the area and designed and sold T-shirts to raise funds benefiting Relay for Life. Upcoming association plans include attendance at the Ohio Student Nurse Association Convention in Columbus, OH.