Hiram College

opportunities to excel

The New Liberal Arts™ at Hiram college offers a variety of opportunities to learn. Our unique 12-Week, 3-Week Hiram Plan, lends itself to a curriculum rich with opportunities.

Hands-On Experience


The 3-Week is ideal for nursing students to get hands-on experience. They have opportunity to:

  • Take part in a study abroad trip, alongside Hiram College faculty
  • Have concentrated domestic research and/or clinical health care experiences
  • Participate in an evidence-based research practicum in the junior year
  • Participate in capstones for nursing and biomedical humanities
  • Role transition preceptorship at the culmination of the senior year

Honors Program

Nursing students can apply to be part of the Eclectic Scholars Honors Program.

Biomedical Humanities Minor

Building on the values established by Hiram College’s Center for Literature and Medicine, nursing at Hiram fosters a personal philosophy that integrates the values of caring, ethical behavior, professional responsibility and integrity, with the humanity necessary to be the best possible caregiver. In conjunction with this philosophy, Hiram College’s Nursing Program offers a curriculum which satisfies the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree major as well as a minor in biomedical humanities.

Excellent Clinical Sites

Hiram is located centrally among Cleveland, Akron and Youngstown; Northeast Ohio’s largest metropolitan areas. These areas offer clinical opportunities for Hiram nursing students at the world’s premier health care facilities.

Broad Curriculum, helping you find your passion

We offer…

  • Integration of the New Liberal Arts at Hiram College throughout the curriculum
  • Students learn how to creatively and critically use technology to enhance learning with Tech and Trek™
  • Courses in human anatomy and physiology, physiological chemistry, medical microbiology and human genetics, most of which incorporate lab-based experiences
  • Rich in social sciences and biomedical humanities with an emphasis on ethics across the curriculum
  • A 15-week long evidence-based nursing research course with practicum allowing students hands on experience in real world nursing research and/or evidence based practice. 
  • An on-campus state-of-the-art simulated Clinical Learning Center that provides nursing students with hands-on experience prior to moving into off-campus clinical settings. In addition, the experiences gained in the Clinical Learning Center enable students to develop and master proficiency in assessment and clinical skills in a simulation centered, controlled and supervised setting