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science for curious minds

Have you ever wondered how a fly avoids a flyswatter, how a fish navigates the currents, or how caffeine affects your brain? All of these questions fall within the broad domain of neuroscience: the study of the intersection between mind, brain, body and behavior.

Neuroscience spans many disciplines, including biology, psychology, chemistry, physics, computer science, mathematics and philosophy. The neuroscience major at Hiram College provides students with a strong and comprehensive major that encompasses the study of brains, behavior and evolution at multiple levels, from the cellular and molecular through the cognitive and behavioral. Students who wish to major in neuroscience can expect a rigorous and intensive course load emphasizing contributions from many academic programs and research opportunities on campus.

Tom Koehnle Headshot

Tom Koehnle, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology/Coordinator of Neuroscience Major

Neuroscience is a part of Hiram Health

Health is at the core of everything we do at Hiram College. It’s in our curriculum, in our residence halls and in our programming. It’s in everything we do. The liberal arts education you receive at Hiram will provide a strong foundation for your health care career aspirations.