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Managers often work in very complex organizational structures. They have to be focused not only on employees and customers, but with the social, economic, political, and technological aspects of their environment. Each managerial position is unique, but all have a specific need and focus within an organization. Hiram’s Management major, grounded in the liberal arts, prepares students for these unique challenges and for opportunities to lead in their communities.

Who are Hiram’s Management Majors?

Hiram students are accustomed to taking charge, running projects and events, and making adjustments or changes as needed. They are quick thinkers and want to contribute to our global society in meaningful ways through their professional and personal lives. The management major is a good match for any students who are interested in pursuing managerial positions in large or small organizations.

How the Management Major Works

The management major at Hiram College is offered through the Scarborough School of Business & Communication. The management program structure and rigorous course­work are designed to help students:

  • Develop a broad understanding of the functional areas of business.
  • Get practical experience through interdisciplinary learning.
  • Enhance individual and group problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Gain an interna­tional perspective and sense of social responsibility.

By pursuing a major in management, students transform into young professionals with vision who are ready for leadership in a variety of organizations.

What Can You Pursue With a Management Major?

The management major prepares students for leadership positions in for profit and not for profit settings, including a wide range of industry, financial, governmental and healthcare organizations.

Our alumni have also pursued a variety of graduate programs, including accounting and finance, business, international management, public policy and law. Learn more about the management opportunities you can explore after Hiram.

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Morgan R. Clevenger, Ed.D., MBA

Associate Professor of Management

Learn more about all of the majors, minors, and opportunities that await you within the Scarborough School of Business & Communication.