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International Studies Major

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Weaving a Global Tapestry Through International Studies

In our multicultural world, looking at global issues, dynamics, societies, and cultures from an interdisciplinary academic perspective is vital. Hiram’s international studies program gives students an in-depth understanding of our global society, allowing them to devise solutions to urgent challenges through advocacy, diplomacy, defense, and development work. Students majoring or minoring in international studies examine contemporary global issues and also have an opportunity to focus their study on particular regions or topics of international interest.

Who are Hiram’s International Studies Students?

Students in Hiram’s international studies major are open-minded and curious about the complexities of the world. As students engage with their peers and faculty members, they prepare themselves for a career in an increasingly globalized and multicultural world. Through an academically rigorous and interdisciplinary manner, international studies students are willing to face the urgent challenges in humanity, including preconceived notions about various international related themes and other areas of the world.

About the International Studies Program

The international studies major allows students to utilize and build on Hiram’s traditional strengths in study abroad, global-related course offerings, and experiential learning opportunities. The major provides students with an interdisciplinary perspective on contemporary global issues, dynamics, societies, and cultures while also giving students the opportunity to develop an emphasis on a particular region or theme.

Hiram’s international studies major is grounded in a diverse curriculum, providing students with a well-rounded foundation in the following areas:

  • An understanding of various global issues, including history, politics, economics, and society through both empirical analysis and methodological reflection.
  • An academic knowledge of at least two areas of the world and several globally-related academic disciplines through coursework and research.
  • A cross-cultural appreciation and development of skills beyond native experiences necessary for fostering an understanding of different cultures, regions, and challenges in an increasingly globalized world.
  • A development of analytical thinking, researching, writing, speaking, and foreign language skills.

To further focus their education, international studies majors can pair their degree with any Hiram minor, often choosing political science, history, sociology, communication, Asian studies, and gender studies.

Jugdep Chima Headshot

Jugdep Chima, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science
Coordinator, International Studies Major

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