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International Studies Major

Traditional Undergraduate

Weaving a Global Tapestry Through International Studies

In our multicultural world, looking at global issues, dynamics, societies, and cultures from an interdisciplinary perspective is vital. Hiram’s international studies program gives students an in-depth understanding of our global society, allowing them to devise solutions to challenges through diplomacy, defense, and development work. Students majoring or minoring in international studies examine contemporary global issues and also have an opportunity to focus their study on particular regions or topics.

Why international studies?

The international studies minor is meant to complement a student’s primary major either by adding an international component to that major or by strengthening an existing international emphasis within the major. Students can accomplish this regionally and/or thematically with flexibility and an opportunity to design their own course of study, within the structural parameters of the minor.

A student interested in the international studies minor must produce a clear statement of purpose and a list of relevant courses. He/she also is required to explain how the proposed course of study contributes to the stated purpose. This statement of purpose and corresponding list of courses must be submitted and approved by the international studies minor coordinator before a student can declare the minor no later than the end of a his/her junior year.

Professor Jugdep S. Chima, Ph.D., who serves as the Coordinator of the International Studies major or minor, can be contacted at 330.569.5143 or chimajs@hiram.edu.

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Jugdep Chima, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science
Coordinator, International Studies Minor


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