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Requirements for Majors

Program Overview

The history major requires a minimum of 12 courses or 38 hours. We advise students who wish to pursue graduate work to take more than the minimum number of courses. All history majors must take a minimum total of eight courses in any 3-3-2 combination in the three geographic regions: U.S., Europe,  and the World outside of Europe and North America. For example, a student may take three U.S. history courses, three European history courses, and two courses in the history of the rest of the world.

History majors are also required to take History 38000, a junior research seminar, the topic of which varies from year to year, and the senior seminar: History 48000. Through these courses, students will learn civic knowledge and engagement as well as intercultural knowledge and competence.

Moreover, history students are strongly encouraged to take two courses in a foreign language, but they may substitute two additional history courses instead.

The Senior Seminar

History majors are required to complete a professional-quality research paper in their senior year and to present their papers to the community in a public forum. The seminar paper should demonstrate thorough research using both primary and secondary historical sources, and the program encourages students to make an original argument supported by credible historical evidence. Students work with individual faculty members to research and write the seminar paper. With the completion of their papers, students present their work orally to the Hiram College community. Students with majors other than history sometimes choose to do the senior seminar with the History program. Students interested in doing this should consult with history faculty members before the senior year.

Concentration in a Field of Study

History majors have the option of concentrating in a particular field of history. Students should discuss choosing a concentration with a faculty member in the History Department. The concentrations we offer are:

  • History and Law
  • Gender History
  • and a regional area of history, such as Asian History.

Students who are majoring in Integrated Social Studies for the purpose of obtaining a license to teach will have different requirements and should consult with the Education Department in conjunction with the History Department.

Requirements for Minors

A minor in history consists of 5 courses or a minimum of 18 hours in history. Students must take at least one course in each of the three content areas: U.S. History, European History and the history of the rest of the world.


  • Knights, Peasants and Friars: Europe 500-1450
  • Bread, Barricades and Bombs: Modern Europe 1450-present
  • World History 1000-1800
  • U.S. History To 1865
  • U.S. History 1865 To Present
  • The Era of the American Revolution, 1750-1800
  • Modern China 1842 to Present
  • Japan Since 1868
  • Medieval Towns and Trades
  • Workers, Union Bosses & Capitalists
  • The Supreme Court in U.S. History
  • The Depression, The New Deal & World War II
  • History of Gender and Sexuality in the U.S.
  • African-American History 1865 to the Present
  • African American History to 1865
  • Women in American History

For a full list of courses and descriptions, see the Course Catalog.


Janet Pope, Professor of History

330.569.5173 or popejm@hiram.edu

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