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Studying the Past & Preparing for the Future

The study of history is critical for our understanding of the human experience. Through the study of history, we develop an understanding of who we are, where we came from, how and why our society has changed over time and how humans have interacted with each other and with the natural world. Hiram’s history major prepares students for active citizenship and for informed, thoughtful decision-making throughout their lives.

Who are Hiram’s History Students?

Being a history major is much more than just memorizing the events of the past. History majors must develop a greater understanding of the patterns, the causes and effects, of human behavior and existence. History majors review facts as stepping stones towards the greater goal of understanding the ways in which human beings have come to live in the present. Students in the History program may also consider Education, Teacher Licensure; International Studies; Creative Writing; Classical & Medieval Studies; Asian Studies; or one of the other programs that Hiram College has to offer. 

Elena Cittadino

“I really enjoyed examining world history from a perspective that didn’t revolve around a Eurocentric point of view”

-Elena Cittadino ‘24

The Benefits of Studying History

The Hiram College History Program works closely with students to help them with career planning and preparation. Students complete historical research and writing history. We encourage and guide our students to think like historians and to get involved actively in the reconstruction and analysis of the past. The History Program also brings speakers to campus to discuss career opportunities for history majors. Alumni have gone on to become business leaders, lawyers, teachers and professors, political leaders, government workers, librarians, and leaders in non-profit organizations.

Do you want to teach Social Studies or History? 

Our Education, Teacher Licensure program at Hiram College offers an Integrated Social Studies major for students who want to teach. Students who are majoring in Integrated Social Studies for the purpose of obtaining a license to teach will have different requirements and should consult with the Education Program in conjunction with the History Program.

Learning Outside the Classroom

  • Pendleton House

    Many of our classes are held in historic homes. Hiram College's History Program is located in Pendleton House, a restored, historic century house, which is also the center for various academic and social activities of history majors.

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Janet Pope, Ph.D.

Director, School of Arts, Humanities & Culture
Professor of History

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