Hiram College

Gender Studies Minor

Traditional Undergraduate

Examining the Role of Gender in Our World

Gender studies is a multidisciplinary minor that examines the evolving role of gender in society. It considers both the biological and cultural origins of sex and gender differences and how those differences have structured a multitude of social and political institutions. The minor that can compliment a variety of majors.

The gender studies minor also considers how issues of race, ethnicity, class, religion and sexual orientation interact with gender. Incorporating the fields of anthropology, art, biology, communication, economics, English, history, foreign languages, philosophy, political science, psychology, religious studies and sociology, the gender studies minor provides students with practical and theoretical tools for understanding gender relationships.

Kirsten Parkinson Headshot

Kirsten Parkinson, Ph.D.

John S. Kenyon Professor of English
Director Lindsay-Crane Center for Writing and Literature
Gender Studies Minor Program Coordinator

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