Hiram College

Of the many student-driven initiatives that provide students with additional opportunities to get involved and active, a few of them are:


Stone Soup Vegetarian Co-Op 

The Stone Soup Co-op is an alternate meal plan for vegetarians, vegans and those with special dietary needs. Meat-eaters are welcome as well, though no meat is allowed in the co-op. Members are responsible for the entire operation including cooking and cleaning up from meals and ordering the food. The co-op is located near Fenton lounge in Booth and Centennial Hall.


Students Organized for Sustainability (SOS) 

The purpose of SOS is to hold Hiram ll.College and its administration, faculty and students to environmental and sustainable standards.  SOS members take on special and diverse sustainability-related projects from year to year.  Recent activities include: improving campus recycling, working with Dining Services to develop a plan for composting cafeteria food scraps, and organizing a Sustainability Symposium to discuss campus and regional environmental issues with College, and other local, leaders.  For more information, contact Tricia Bohls at bohlspa@my.hiram.edu.

Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC)

The Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) is a group dedicated to preserving the environment on both local and global levels. This group is very open to ideas from members; past activities have included various recycling projects, lobbying, trips to environmental conferences, local cleanup projects and guest speakers.  For more information, contact Kate Lowry at lowryke@my.hiram.edu.