Hiram College

We do everything we can to help our students excel…and we recognize excellence in a number of ways, including the following:

SEED Scholars Program 

SEED stands for Sustainability, Environment, and Engaged Design, which is, in a nutshell (one kind of seed!), what our Scholars study and do.  The purpose of the SEEDS Program is to nurture and challenge the next generation of environmental leaders through opportunities to critically examine the interdependence of human social and natural systems, to cultivate and communicate ideas and information relevant to sustainability, and to propose and implement solutions to problems at multiple levels—from global to local.

The SEEDS program is open to traditional Hiram College undergraduates who are exceptional students and who demonstrate: deep curiosity, self-motivation, respect for ideas and diverse perspectives, strong communication skills, an established interest in environmental issues and natural and human social systems interactions.  SEED Scholars who successfully complete a year of the program may seek an additional SEED award.

Lubrizol Environmental Studies Scholarships/Awards

There are six Lubrizol Environmental Studies Scholarships/Awards available for the 2012-13 academic year.  Selection of recipients is based primarily on established academic potential, achievement, and/or the financial need of exceptional students.

David A. Cornicelli Memorial Scholarship

The Scholarship shall be awarded annually to junior “traditional” students who are majoring in Environmental Studies. Preference shall be given to students from Trumbull County, Ohio, however, if there is no eligible student from Trumbull County, Ohio in any year, the Scholarship may be awarded to an otherwise eligible student.

Ohio Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering Scholarship Program

The Ohio Academy of Science established this scholarship program with a grant from the Ohio Environmental Education Fund (OEEF).  These merit-based, non-renewable, scholarships will fulfill the OEEF objective of “Providing scholarships in environmental sciences or environmental engineering at State colleges and universities.”