Hiram College

Internships and Research

Environmental Studies


The Internship requirement is typically completed after the sophomore year. Its purpose is to ensure that all Environmental Studies majors have a structured opportunity to engage in the work and culture of at least one profession aligned with their major and Area of Emphasis.

To fulfill the internship requirement, students must take the following steps (ideally in this order):

Complete the following courses in the EVST major:

  1. INTD 22500: Humans and the Environment
  2. EVST 21000: Interdisciplinary Readings in Environmental Studies

Identify and secure some options for relevant professional experiences.

These may take the form of an official “internship” position established by a company, organization, or governmental agency, or of a job or volunteer position. Either way, the experience must include a commitment of at least 120 hours of work. Discuss your ideas and possibilities with your advisor to ensure appropriateness and good fit.

Complete a Hiram College “Internship Learning Agreement.”

You can obtain this form from the Career Development Office or Environmental Studies faculty. Have your internship site supervisor and academic adviser sign and make a copy for their files, then submit it to the Career Development Office. Your internship will not be considered official without this form.

Fulfill the internship commitment.

This includes a minimum of 120 hours of work, during which time you will maintain a journal documenting and reflecting upon your experience. The journal must include:

  1. daily entries documenting activities and the work you were engaged in
  2. meaningful weekly reflections on your experiences as they relate to professional development, life goals, personal growth, and Area of Emphasis.

Enroll in EVST 49800 (Internship).

This 1-credit hour course taught each spring helps students integrate their internship experiences with their academic knowledge and personal and professional goals. In this course, students reflect on knowledge and skills gained during the experience, develop a poster (for public presentation) which communicates this, and engage in professional development activities.

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