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Environmental Studies

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Hiram College was a pioneer in Environmental Studies, now one of the fastest-growing undergraduate programs in the U.S., and we continue to be a leader and innovator in this field. Students who make their way to Environmental Studies at Hiram are diverse in their interests and experiences, but they share an underlying desire to help solve problems and change the world. We give them what they need to do it!

Our Mission

The Mission Hiram College’s Department of Environmental Studies is to offer opportunities for students to become informed and responsible citizens of the world by gaining the breadth and expertise to critically evaluate and communicate about issues that concern our complex relationship with the environment at a local and global scale.

A “Big Picture” View

Because environmental issues are always also social issues, understanding them requires knowledge of natural and human social systems, and how they interact. Hiram’s Environmental Studies major and minor are specially designed to help students integrate the diverse knowledge and skills necessary for understanding and addressing complex socio-environmental problems. 

Environmental Studies Model

The program includes training in:

  • natural systems
  • human social systems
  • communicating about complex interdependent systems
  • relevant practical skills

In addition, Environmental Studies majors identify one of three areas of emphasis—Natural Systems, Human Social Systems, or Communicating Complexity—that best matches their interests and personal and professional goals. With the help of an advisor, each student crafts a personalized combination of elective courses in that area.

Through our integrative curriculum and emphases on systems-thinking, hands-on learning, and communication, students acquire the knowledge, experiences, and skills they need to excel—in their professional roles, as graduate students, and as agents of change in their communities.

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Debbie Kasper Headshot

Debbie Kasper, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

Beyond the Classroom

We provide numerous opportunities for ACTION through:

  • Field Station internships
  • campus sustainability work with the SEED Scholars
  • the student-led Environmental Action Crew
  • field research, campus projects, and chances to get involved throughout the year

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