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Built to complement any major

The Entrepreneurship Minor consists of three required courses, two electives chosen in consultation with a faculty adviser, and a senior experience. The flexibility of the electives, experiential learning component, and senior experience requirements means students can develop a minor that complements any major at Hiram College.


Course Requirements Credits

ENTR 20510: The Entrepreneurial Mindset

The Entrepreneurial Mindset is a core course of the Entrepreneurship Minor. The course examines the values, abilities, and personal characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. Students will develop an understanding of the wide-ranging nature of entrepreneurship: for profit, not for profit, and social enterprise. A central theme of the course will be to promote awareness of, interest in, and the development of an entrepreneurial mindset.

The concepts necessary to understand how to analyze the potential for a new product or service will be introduced. The art, and science, of developing an enterprise plan will be examined and the class will explore when it is appropriate to devote the time and energy to complete a formal plan. Guest speakers, entrepreneurs, will meet with the class to discuss how they discovered an entrepreneurial opportunity, why they chose to pursue it and their experiences throughout the process of discovery, creation, and implementation.

4 credits

ENTR 30600: The Entrepreneurial Process

The Entrepreneurial Process: The course focuses on entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial ventures, and the entrepreneurial process through lecture, case studies, and the analysis of enterprise plans. There will be an emphasis on developing skills conducive to venture success, including team building, organizing, planning, integrating, market analysis, decision making, communicating, and persuading.

Additionally, the course will look at how entrepreneurs, as creative visionaries, develop innovative strategies aimed at goal achievement by effectively linking internal core competencies to external competitive advantage, resulting in successful ventures. The course is intended to provide the student with the basic knowledge necessary to create new business ventures and to innovate within existing organizations.

4 credits

ENTR 32100: Integrative Entrepreneurship

This course is designed to build upon the base knowledge that the student acquired in Entrepreneurship 205 and 306. It will provide a strong conceptual framework for the study, understanding, and application of entrepreneurship through an intensive 3 week experience. The student will be assigned to analyze start-up companies that are contemplating going to market with their new venture. This course is generally offered during a 3-week semester and is conducted off campus. Prerequisites:­­­­­­­­ ENTR205, ENTR306 or permission of Instructor

3 credits
Two Electives chosen from the Integrated Entrepreneurship departmental list or other courses approved for the minor (approval required) 6-8 credits
And one of the following:

ENTR 48000: Business Plan Practicum

Business Plan Practicum: The course is designed to bring together all of the elements of entrepreneurship – in the context of an original enterprise concept that the students themselves conceive and develop as a viable, sustainable, and truly innovative new venture. The centerpiece of the course is the end result – a new venture. The new venture is detailed through an enterprise plan developed by the students. The expectation is that each plan will be of sufficient quality to be presented to potential investors. Prerequisites: ENTR 205 and 306, junior or senior standing, and a minimum GPA of 2.5; Faculty Permission

4 credits

ENTR 49800: Experiential Learning – see course description

Experiential Learning: The objective of the Integrated Entrepreneurship Experiential Learning Program is to enable students to acquire practical experience, broadening their knowledge of systems, organizations, and cultures, while integrating the formal study of entrepreneurship and their chosen major. Such experience aids in the development, maturity, and confidence of the student. Prerequisites: ENTR 205 and 306, junior or senior standing, and a minimum GPA of 2.5; Faculty Permission

4 credits
For more information, contact Dave Kukurza, Academic Program Director: Kukurzadj@hiram.edu

Other Entrepreneurship Courses

(Not required for the minor)


This course will focus on the basic elements needed to start a business, and culminate in the development of a business plan for a student-run venture on the Hiram Campus. Concepts covered will include: opportunity identification, feasibility analysis, legal structure, marketing/communication, customers and markets, leadership, management and organization, operations plan, and financial planning – sales forecasting, income statements and cash flows. Prerequisites:­­­­­­­­ ENTR205, or basic MGMT/ACCT/MKTF/COMM

ENTR 22100 – FIRESIDE CHAT SEMINAR (2 credits)

This course explores Entrepreneurship based upon the experiences of a broad range of local entrepreneurs. During the twelve weeks, at least ten entrepreneurs will share their paths in establishing a successful enterprise including some of the obstacles and missteps they made along the way. Students will also attend Integrated Entrepreneurship’s idea competition and analyze the idea opportunities and critique the presentations. Does NOT count toward the Entrepreneurship Minor.

ENTR 28000 – SEM: TOPICS TO BE DETERMINED (1 to 4 credits)

Prerequisite: Faculty Permission

ENTR 38000 – SEM: TOPICS TO BE DETERMINED (1 to 4 credits)

Prerequisite: Faculty Permission