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Living Out Your Personal Passion

Do you want to use your time in college to learn the skills it takes to build a business from the ground up? As the most popular minor on campus, you can pair this program with the major of your choice. Learn the creative skills it takes to start your business in the new liberal arts setting.

Who Are Hiram’s Entrepreneurship Students?

Hiram’s entrepreneurship students are focused, bold and idea-driven. They fiercely pursue their passions with the entrepreneurial spirit. Inquisitive to their core, entrepreneurship minors take an active part in their education by focusing on their interests and taking risks. They become leaders, managers, product developers, marketers, and human resources professionals at well-established companies. In addition to starting small businesses in or outside of Northeast Ohio, graduates can apply their skills to freelance work, music, art, event planning, and science research and development. Recent student small business launches include:

  • Envision, Mike Eversole, ’20
  • Cakepop Boys, Curtis Caithaml ’20
  • Water Dodger, Nate Eaton, ’17,
  • Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce, Ethan Holmes, ’16,
  • Diesel Donlow LLC, Ben Donlow, ’15,
  • ClosestPath LLC, Justin Lonis, ’14,
  • Just Imagine, Justin Lonis, ’14,
  • Mica Specialty Foods, Nana Takyi-Mica, ’14,

About the Entrepreneurship Program

The entrepreneurship minor is more than a business program; it’s a means of learning the creativity and problem-solving skills required to succeed at starting a business. Through the minor, you will learn:

  • Effective and efficient reasoning skills,
  • Goal identification and
  • Strategies for achieving those goals.

From bootstrapping to marketing to networking, you’ll gain the value-oriented resources you need to turn your passion into a profitable, sustainable business.

Due to the flexibility of entrepreneurship electives and experiential opportunities, you can customize the minor to your learning needs. Our more than 40 entrepreneurship classes span multiple academic areas, and we encourage you to integrate the program with other majors and minors.

You will have excellent opportunity to be immersed in entrepreneurship through the activities offered by the Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship, such as the E-Speaker series, Ideablitz in the Fall and IdeaBuild in the Spring. You can also opt to live with other like-minded students in East Hall, a suite-style entrepreneurial residential learning community.

Benefits of a Minor in Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurship minor emphasizes practice and is the only Northeast Ohio college program connecting students to the area incubator LaunchHouse. Courses such as Integrative Entrepreneurship let you put into practice what you’ve learned in the classroom, focusing on building start-up companies. By working in a team, you will analyze a potential venture contemplating going to market. This allows you the opportunity to not only start a venture but also put your learnings to practice in an incubation setting.

Mentor Program

We also have a network of over 20 mentors. Students are paired up with a mentor that aligns with their business plans and future interests. The mentor serves as a life coach. Students can be paired up with a mentor as early as their first year of college.

  • Burton D. Morgan Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship

David Strukel Headshot

David Strukel, Ph.D.

Director of the Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship

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