Hiram College

The Queen Anne style house next door to Bonney Castle is home to Hiram College writers.  It includes the Writing Center, two classrooms, a small kitchenette, space for readings and receptions, and faculty offices.  The house was built in the 1890s for George and Helen Vincent.  Helen ran a boarding house here for students.


As the College grew, it encouraged any and all construction of buildings in the village to help accommodate larger enrollment.  It was during this time that the first Miller Hall was built, but there was still a need for boardinghouses.  In 1937 Helen Vincent sold the house to Ruth and Ward Whitcomb.  After Ward’s death, Ruth remarried and she and Stanley Freeman rented the house to John E. Shambach, a retired Professor of Education.  Sometime later the house (known for many years as the “Freeman House”) was deeded to the College, and the College continued to rent it to faculty—including English professor Mary Louise Vincent and French professor George Gautier—until 6811 Hinsdale was converted into the Writing House in 2008.