Hiram College

A firm foundation for the future

Engineering is a diverse field. When selecting a Hiram College major, pre-engineering students should consider their interests and which engineering field they would like to pursue.

Use the following chart to help you decide:


Type of Engineering Major at Hiram Offered at Case Western Reserve University Offered at Washington University
Aerospace Physics X
Civil Physics X
Electrical Physics X X
Mechanical Physics X X
Materials Science and Engineering Physics X
Engineering in Physics Physics X
Biomedical Biology X X
Chemical Chemistry X X
Computer Science Computer Science X
Computer Engineering Computer Science X X
Systems Science and Control Engineering Computer Science X
Macromolecular Science and Engineering Physics or Chemistry X

Types of careers our students pursue

Potential employers seek graduates of the dual-degree program at Hiram College for their depth and breadth of knowledge. Careers may require differing degrees of education and training. From these fields you can choose from many different types of engineering functions that include:

  • building control surveyor
  • product/process development
  • designer
  • analyst
  • tester
  • production manager
  • operations
  • sales
  • IT consultant
  • quality manager