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Engineering Dual Degree

Traditional Undergraduate

Two STEM Degrees. One Engineering Major.

Prepare to become a successful engineer by earning two bachelor degrees at once—one STEM-based degree from Hiram College and one engineering degree from Case Western Reserve University or Washington University. This dual (or 3+2) approach prepares leaders with a strong science core, problem-solving skills, and communication expertise.

Who Are Hiram’s Engineering Majors?

Hiram’s engineering majors are future engineers who are also passionate about biology, physics, chemistry, or computer science. They pursue the dual degree program for the following reasons:

  • As an opportunity to complete degrees in two diverse areas
  • For extra time to pursue other academic, athletic (students may use their fourth year of eligibility at their second school) or extracurricular interests
  • For the chance to build the skills and confidence needed to succeed in engineering through the supportive, personalized environment of Hiram College
  • To acquire the scientific problem solving skills necessary to be effective in today’s technological oriented society
  • To develop a broad, liberal arts knowledge base and strong people skills, which are necessary in relating to and working with clients

How the 3+2 Dual Engineering Degree Program Works

Through the dual (3+2) degree engineering program, students spend three years at Hiram College majoring in one of the science majors linked above, followed by two years at one of our partner universities:

While studying biology, chemistry, computer science or physics at Hiram College, students who maintain required academic and disciplinary standards are guaranteed admission into Case Western Reserve University or Washington University. They then spend two years studying their desired engineering field. After five years, students earn two bachelor’s degrees.

Both partner institutions boast national reputations for their engineering programs. Engineering-related majors regularly top the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ “Top-Paid Majors” list, and graduates of the five-year program are well prepared to succeed and lead successful careers.

Learn more about the engineering degree program.

What Careers Can You Pursue with an Engineering Major?

After Hiram,dual degree engineering majors often make the best engineers because they possess the technical and scientific knowledge required for the field, as well as the broad background and excellent oral and written communication skills that are required to assume leadership roles and solve complex problems.

Engineering majors pursue engineering careers in STEM fields, including the following positions:

  • Building control surveyor
  • Product/process development
  • Designer
  • Analyst
  • Tester
  • Production manager
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • IT consultant
  • Quality manager


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