Hiram College

Getting prepared

Hiram College offers a minors program in economics through the Scarborough School of Business & Communication. It prepares students for successful ca­reers in a variety of contemporary organizations–for profit, not for profit, and public–and for a wide variety of gradu­ate programs. The economics program is specifically designed to develop a broad understanding of economic principles to ensure the adaptability and flexibility of our graduates. A student pursuing the economics program has an opportunity to concentrate minor electives in areas such as economic development, environmental policy and management, fi­nance, public administration or public policy.

The Economics Program

The economics program at Hiram College is a sought-after area of study for students who want to apply their critical thinking skills and knowledge of economic theory to important issues such as:

  • Unemployment
  • Inflation
  • Taxation
  • Economic development
  • International trade
  • Economic inequality

Learning extends beyond the traditional classroom setting for these economics minors in Ohio. The department strongly encourages students to broaden their perspective and understanding of the theories of economics by participating in overseas study programs and hands-on learning experiences that are closer to campus. Department faculty have led study abroad trips to Turkey, Tanzania, China, Bhutan, Greece and Zimbabwe. Experi­ences closer to home are provided through internships and our active investment club. Through the college’s, students have the opportunity to be matched with an off-campus mentor, develop an enterprise plan, and present it in the enterprise plan sym­posium and, perhaps, receive funding to put their ideas into practice.

All students pursuing the economics program are required to complete an independent research project during their senior year. Economics Faculty are also active advocates of students gaining internship experiences. Faculty members serve as liaisons between students and institutions to assist with the coordination of internship opportunities. In the past, students in the economics program have interned with the United Way, the Cleveland Economic Development Committee, Siemens Corporation, and Fannie Mae, among others.


The department minors require five courses from their respective areas. The minors include three required courses as well as two electives at the 30000 level or equivalent.  The specific course requirements are available from any program member.

Requirements for Economics Minor


  • Economics 20100: Principles of Microeconomics
  • Economics 20200: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Economics 35000: Intermediate Microeconomics
  • Economics 36000: Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • Economics 47900: Statistics/Econometrics
  • Economics 48000: Senior Seminar

See the College Catalog for specific course offerings.