Hiram College

Economics Minor

Traditional Undergraduate

Making a strong analysis

The economics minor at Hiram College focuses on developing students' analytical, critical thinking and communication skills while emphasizing the integration of theory and its practical application. The study of economics in the context of a small liberal arts college uniquely prepares individuals for leadership positions in the complex global environment of contemporary orga­nizational life. Through an emphasis on interdisciplinary learning, practical experience, independent research, and ethics, our economics minors are ready for leadership positions in private, nonprofit, and governmental organizations after Hiram.

About the Economics Minor

The diverse experiences offered through the economics minor are proven to produce graduates with the knowledge and skills essential for success. Some of the program benefits include:

  • Intimate learning in small classes.
  • An emphasis on writing and speaking.
  • Close interactions with diverse individuals.
  • Study away and abroad experiences.
  • Leadership opportunities both on and off campus.

How the Economics minor Works

Through the study of economic theory and its application to important societal issues—e.g. unemployment, inflation, economic development, international trade, environmental quality, economic inequality—economics minors at Hiram learn how to identify solutions to emerging personal and societal concerns. They are also encouraged to extend their learning beyond the classroom setting through course projects in the field, internships, and study abroad experiences.

What Can You Pursue With an Economics Minor?

Our graduates serve in leadership positions in for profit and not for profit settings, including a wide range of industry, financial, governmental, and healthcare organizations. Our alumni have pursued a variety of graduate programs, including accounting and finance, business, international management, public policy, and law.

To learn more about the economics minor at Hiram College, visit the economics program page or contact our economics faculty and staff.