Hiram College

Economics Minor

Traditional Undergraduate

Why Study Economics?

If you are looking for an intellectually stimulating and financially rewarding career, you should consider economics. Economics can help us understand some of the following questions:

● Why do women earn less than men?
● Why is water (which is essential for life) cheaper than diamonds?
● Why are some countries rich while other countries are poor?
● Why do voters elect politicians who choose bad policies?
● Why is health care so expensive?

Economics is a study of human behavior. It helps us understand the forces which drive the interactions between individuals, firms, politicians and countries. It not only helps to evaluate the real impact of public policies, but also make better decisions in our professional and personal life.

The Benefits of an Economics Minor

Economists find a wide range of career opportunities. They work as advisors in the government, consultants to corporate houses, analysts in the private sector, investment bankers, journalists, and so on. There are also several opportunities to enroll in graduate programs in economics across the world. Such programs commonly offer tuition waivers and fellowships for deserving students.

The diverse experiences offered through the economics minor are proven to produce graduates with the knowledge and skills essential for success. Some of the program benefits include:

  • Intimate learning in small classes.
  • An emphasis on writing and speaking.
  • Close interactions with diverse individuals.
  • Study away and abroad experiences.
  • Leadership opportunities both on and off campus.

A career in economics is also financially remunerative. An economics major is one of the highest paying majors. The Economist reports that “High-scoring students leave £500,000 on the table by eschewing economics”.

Economist, January 2019

The Hamilton Project provides an interactive feature which allows for comparison of the annual and life-time earnings.  Hamilton Project Interactive Chart

Coupled with low tuition and costs of living, Hiram College offers an excellent opportunity to gain exposure in economics and graduate with excellent job prospects. Consider the following free videos and e-books and see if it ignites your interest:


  • Hinsdale

    One of the main academic classroom buildings located on the Hiram College campus, Named after the first permanent president of the College, Burke A. Hinsdale (1870-1882), the building is home to a variety of classrooms and houses faculty offices, and The Office of the President

  • Investment Club

    The Investment Club was established to manage a cash portfolio of approximately $100,000. The Investment Club members develop investment strategies and purchase and sell stocks as their strategies dictate. The Investment Club is in competition throughout the country with other Investment Clubs. Additionally, the Club invites stockbrokers, money managers, investment bankers, etc. to speak to members on current stock market matters and their career.

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