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Major Requirements

Crime, Law, and Justice Major


Requirements for Majors

The Crime, Law, and Justice major requires a minimum of 43 hours in Crime, Law, and Justice. Students are encouraged to complete an internship and are required to present a senior capstone project demonstrating their knowledge and skills.

The following sequence of courses provides students with a foundation in issues in law and society, ethics, social inequality, criminology, and American government. These courses provide the basis for more applied courses such as Policing and Corrections, Substance Abuse and Criminal Justice.

 Core Major Requirements (28):

  • Introduction to Sociology (4)
  • American Government (4)
  • Introduction to Crime, Law, and Justice: issues in law and society (4)
  • Choose one of the following PHIL courses:
    • Introduction to Ethical Issues (4)
    • Contemporary Moral Problems (4)
    • Ethical Thinking (4)
  • The Court and Constitutional Government (4)
  • Criminology (4)
  • Shared Capstone Courses with Sociology (4)


For the final 15 -16 credits, students may choose among the following:

  • Social Inequality (4)
  • Policing and Corrections (4)
  • Social Deviance, Theoretical Perspectives (4)
  • The Supreme Court in US History (3)
    • Juvenile Delinquency (4)
    • Crisis Intervention (3)
    • Substance Abuse and Crime, Law, and Justice(4)

Recommended courses:

  • General Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • SPAN 10100 and SPAN 10200 or Spanish for the Professions minor
  • Financial Accounting

While not required, students have the option of combining this major with another, such as pre-law or biochemistry. Some may choose to apply this major towards the 3+3 BA/JD program. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with a faculty member in the program, in order to plan their curriculum accordingly.

For a full list of courses and descriptions, see the Course Catalog.


Jennifer McCreight, Ph.D., Director, School of Education, Civic Leadership & Social Change

330.569.5274 or MccreightJA@hiram.edu.

Elena Fox, Ph.D., Visiting Sociology Professor

330.569.6284 or foxem@hiram.edu