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China – Professor Hwang & Professor Yu
China: Tradition and Change


No longer the “Sleeping Dragon,” China is emerging from centuries of isolation. Even with 5,000 years of history, a revolution sending the reverberations throughout the world, an economy continuing to expand at over 8% a year, and the site of the 2008 Olympic Games, China remains for most Americans a giant enigma. This course examines the impact of transformational change on China and its people. We travel to Beijing, Xi’an (the ancient capital of China), Shanghai, Hangzhou (one of China’s most popular vocation destinations), and Xitang (a charming water town). In addition to visits to a variety of fascinating sites, students also have the opportunity for home stays, visits to multinational corporations, and Chinese schools. The course explores the rich traditions embedded in the mysteries of the Forbidden City, the contrived beauty of the Summer Place, the magnificence of the Great Wall, the splendor of the Terracotta Warriors, and the warmth of quaint neighborhoods and alleyways. We examine the stark contrasts to the traditional in the Pudong area of Shanghai, growing commercialization, and tourism.

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