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After Hiram

Classical and Medieval Studies Minor

A Firm Foundation for the Future

A Hiram education ensures that students have been exposed to studies across many disciplines and graduate with the critical thinking skills needed to enter any career field. The Classical and Medieval Studies minor is designed to support many majors and help prepare students for graduate study and/or professional careers in a variety of fields, especially those in which a solid foundation in communication (language and writing), research and problem-solving is essential.

Types of careers our students pursue

The depth and breadth of Hiram’s program ensures that our students are well prepared for the future. A minor in Classical and Medieval Studies provides transferable skills that are useful in any career, however, students with these skills often excel in education, law, medicine and government.

Minors in Classical and Medieval Studies often pursue careers in:

  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Business
  • Higher Education
  • Primary and Secondary Education
  • Library Science
  • Research
  • Publishing
  • Politics
  • Museums
  • Archaeology
  • Nonprofit Organizations