Hiram College

Sarirose Hyldahl graduated in 2011 with a biomedical humanities and neuroscience double major and psychology minor.

I chose Hiram because of its great program for preparing for medical school.

Some of my favorite courses have been my Ethics classes, and I have enjoyed the various speakers and programs brought by the Center for Literature and Medicine.

While at Hiram, I worked on research about disability, looking at self-definitions from those who have disabilities in order to identify if certain definitions act as predictors for other facets of life or if other facets of life predict definitions/self-perceptions of disability. Another project I worked on is that of disgust and what role it might play in disability prejudice.

Unfortunately, I was not been able to take a trip while here at Hiram. I would have loved to attend the South Africa trip.

I did a research internship here at Hiram with Michelle Nario-Redmond. The projects mentioned above are the major areas we’ve been working in for the past two years. I’m continually learning new things both about my topic and about myself as I work on this research.

There have been a lot of great courses so far, but I’d have to say my favorite was Narrative Medical Ethics. It was so intense and really made me think and evaluate what sorts of ethical dilemmas were important to me, how to solve them, how to listen to someone with illness. I learned so much in terms of analyzing and understanding illness and the practice of medicine as narrative and not just for its face-value.