Hiram College

Biology minor

Students wishing to earn a minor in biology must complete a total of six courses in Biology.

All students seeking a minor must complete the Introductory Biology sequence:

  • BIOL 15100 Introductory Biology I
  • BIOL 15200 Introductory Biology II

All students must complete of one of these two options:

  • BIOL 23000 Molecular and Cellular Biology*
  • BIOL/EVST 27800 Ecology

*Note: CHEM 12000 and 12100 are pre-requisites for BIOL 23000. The minor also requires completion of three additional biology electives at the 20000 level or higher chosen from the catalog with the assistance of a designated minor advisor.

Natural History minor

Biology majors who want to also earn a Natural History minor must take Environmental Education (EDUC/EVST 20500), three field-based courses with at least one from each of the first and second categories below, and one context course from the third category below.

Field-based organismal courses: Field-based systems courses: Context courses:
EVST 38000 Ornithology BIOL 34500 Forest Ecology EVST 33800 Env. Policy
BIOL 38000 Herpetology BIOL/EVST 25000 Wildlife Management BIOL 34300 Cons. Biology
BIOL 31400 Syst. Vascular Plants BIOL 34200 Marine Ecology ART 25900 Env. Art
BIOL 21300 Syst. Nonvascular Plants BIOL 38000 Aquatic Biology WRIT 21400 Writing Nature
BIOL Entomology BIOL 30000 Field Biology INTD 28000 Climate Change
EVST 35500 Wetlands, Rivers, & Coastal Plains INTD 22500 Humans & Env.

Phi Beta Kappa

To receive the honor of induction into the Hiram College chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, a Biology major must complete the major (any track is acceptable), maintain a GPA of 3.7 or higher, take and pass a foreign language through 20200 course, and take and pass a mathematics course at or above 19800 level.