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Studying Life at Every Level

By pursuing the biology major at Hiram College, students can study life at all levels—molecular, cellular, individual and ecological. Combined with the new liberal arts, the biology degree prepares students to achieve their unique goals, from attending medical or veterinary school to pursuing an allied health profession.

Who are Hiram’s Biology Majors?

Students who pursue a biology degree at Hiram are ready to face new challenges and aren’t afraid to fail. Curious in nature, they love to question the world around them. If this sounds like you, you’ll feel right at home in Hiram’s science facilities.

How the Biology Program Works

With their liberal-arts backgrounds, Hiram biology students have a broader platform on which to build their careers and lives. The critical-thinking, research and communication skills they’ll develop help them no matter the path they take.

It’s easy for students to specialize their biology major to fit their unique interests and goals.

First, students can choose either a 4-year or a 3-year biology major pathway. Second, they can prepare for their chosen career by picking a concentration, such as pre-medical studies, pre-physician assistant or pre-veterinary medicine. Third, students can pursue a double-major or minor in neuroscience, natural history, biomedical humanities or many others.

The biology program allows students to learn hands on and gain real research experience by the time they graduate. Making observations, testing hypotheses and drawing conclusions is practiced in the classroom, in the lab and beyond. Some of the learning opportunities biology students can pursue while attending Hiram include:

  • Paid and volunteer independent research projects during the academic year and summer.
  • Job shadowing with local doctors, veterinarians and more.
  • Study away trips that expose students to diverse habitats.
  • Working, interning or volunteering at Hiram’s 550-acre James H. Barrow Biological Field Station.
  • Interning or researching with local organizations including Penitentiary Glen Reservation and the Akron Zoo.

Many students also conduct internships or apprenticeships for their APEX projects before graduation.

After Hiram, students can pursue graduate school, enroll in a professional program or apply for jobs in the field. If you have any questions about careers or the biology degree program, please feel free to contact our biology faculty and staff.

Brad Goodner Headshot

Brad Goodner, Ph.D.

Director, School of Health & Medical Humanities
Professor of Biology
Edward J. Smerek Endowed Chair in Mathematics, the Sciences & Technology
Director, Center for Scientific Engagement

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