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Biochemistry Curriculum

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The mission of the biochemistry program is fulfilled through a variety of educational opportunities, enriching the undergraduate experience through individual research, research as part of the classroom experience and core courses that introduce student to the principles that organize and maintain the complex inter-workings of living cells and organisms. The program promotes teamwork and tolerance through numerous collaborative efforts among Hiram students, faculty, the Akron Zoo, The James H. Barrow Biological Field Station and other academic institutions.

The Program

The coursework for the biochemistry major is designed to prepare students for further study in graduate or professional school, and for entry into other careers in the life and chemical sciences. In keeping with the core of the liberal arts tradition, the biochemistry department strives to invoke critical thinking, imaginative problem solving and reflective decision making through science case studies and by providing students with outstanding state-of-the-art molecular biology and analytical techniques. The program emphasizes the development and use of both written and oral communication skills and information literacy tools in the classroom.

Requirement for the major

A biochemistry major must complete 17 courses in the natural sciences including a research internship. A student wishing to major in biochemistry must be advised by the biochemistry professor.

Core Curriculum (10 courses):

  • Chemistry 120
  • Chemistry 121
  • Biology 152
  • Organic Chemistry (Chemistry 220, 320)
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology (Biology 230)
  • Genetics (Biology 365)
  • Physical Chemistry I (Chemistry 350)
  • Basic Biochemistry/Research lab (Biochemistry 366)
  • Intermediate Biochemistry/Cell Culture lab (Biochemistry 368)

Electives – Two upper-level courses in Biology or Chemistry from among the following (other courses may be substituted if approved by the biochemistry major advisor):

  • Advanced Molecular Biology (Biology 415)
  • Inorganic Chemistry (Chemistry 230)
  • Equilibrium and Analysis (Chemistry 240)
  • Physical Chemistry II (Chemistry 351)
  • Animal Physiology (Biology
  • Developmental Biology (Biology
  • Invertebrate Biology (Biology
  • AND…. Any 300 level or above biology course and/or 200 level or above chemistry course. Elective courses change from year to year and need approval from the biochemistry instructor if other than the above list.

Internship Experience (1 course):

  • Internship (Biology 498, or Chemistry 498 and Chemistry 480 (Senior Seminar))

Required Correlative Courses (4 courses):

  • Calculus I, II (Mathematics 198, 199)
  • Fundamentals of Physics I, II (Physics 213, 214)