Hiram College

Requirements for the Minor

To qualify for an Asian studies minor, students must choose one core disciplinary professor to be their advisor. Students must propose and follow a course of study as approved by the Asian Studies Advisory Committee. They must take the INTD 2XXXX Seminar: Identity and Society in Asia (4 hours), and take at least 16 credit hours in at least two core disciplines, for a total of 20 credit hours. Study-abroad and language coursework is encouraged but not required. Students will be encouraged to focus on a region or a discipline in their choice of coursework. Possible study-abroad destinations include India, Bhutan, China and Japan. A possible on-campus language course includes Chinese.

Required Course

A team-taught INTD course is required for students in the minor program. This course will focus on two disciplines and two areas and is meant to introduce students to a variety of Asian religions, cultures, histories and politics.

  • INTD 2XXXX Seminar: Identity and Society in Asia (4 hours)

Core Discipline Requirement

Courses must be chosen from two of the following core disciplines (at least one course from each, equaling 6-8 hours minimum). Courses that count toward the minor are identified in individual course descriptions. A student’s program will be designed and approved in consultation with an advisor from the committee to ensure they fulfill the requirements for the minor.


  • HIST 21700: Modern China 1842 to Present, CA, EW (4 hr)
  • HIST 21900: Japan Since 1868, CA, EW (4 hr)
  • HIST []: Modern East Asia, CA, EW (4 hr)
  • HIST []: Chosŏn Korea: 1392-1910 (4 hr)
  • HIST []: Shamans & Superstition, CA, EW (3 hr)
  • HIST 25650: Gender and Sexuality in East Asia, CA, EW (3 hr)
  • HIST 23020: Female Labor in East Asia, CA, EW (3 hr)

Political Science

  • POLS []: Insurgency & Ethnic Conflict in South Asia (4 hr)
  • POLS []: International Relations of South Asia (3 hr)
  • POLS []: Politics of South Asia (4 hr)
  • POLS []: Politics and Development in Asia (4 hr)
  • POLS []: Asian Political Thought (4 hr)
  • INTD[]: Identity, Expression, & Representation in India, EMS (3 hr) – Chima & Safford

Religious Studies

  • RELG []: Topics in Hinduism (4 hr)
  • RELG []: Topics in Buddhism (4 hr)
  • RELG []: Seminar in Religions of Tibet and Bhutan (4 hr)
  • RELG []: Seminar in Tantra in India and Tibet (4 hr)
  • INTD 30040: Pilgrimage to Bhutan, CM, EMS, EW (3 hr) – Skora & Zabor

Elective Courses

The following courses may count toward the Asian Studies minor. This list is not comprehensive and may change based on offerings. Advisors should review courses not included in this list to count toward the minor.

  • ART 22800: Japanese Art History, EW, IM (4 hr) – Safford
  • ART 32000: The Art of India, EW, IM (3 hr) – Safford
  • CHIN 10200: Beginning Mandarin Chinese II – Ji
  • ENGL 43800: Visions of India, EW, IM (4 hr) – Parkinson
  • ENGL 22600: India in Fiction and Film, EW, IM (4 hr) – Parkinson
  • MUSI 22000: Asian Music, EW, IM (4 hr) – Dreisbach
  • INTD 393.E3: China: Tradition and Change, EW (3 hr) – Ambuske and Yu
  • INTD 30800: Japan: Foundations of Material Culture and Patterns of Social Interaction (4 hours) – Safford
  • INTD[]: Turning Japanese: Japan’s Cultural and Genetic Identity, EMS, Team (3 hr) – Parkinson & Constance