Hiram College

A firm foundation for the future

A Hiram education ensures that students have been exposed to studies across many disciplines and graduate with the critical thinking skills needed to enter any career field. A minor in Asian Studies offers students an excellent foundation from which to launch a meaningful vocation in fields where in-depth knowledge of the socio-historical and cultural contexts of Asian ideas and institutions are essential.

Types of careers our students pursue

An Asian Studies minor prepares students to pursue a variety of careers in health and medicine, business, law, social work, public policy, government, the arts or academics where they will become true “global citizens.”
Careers may requiring differing degrees of education and training.

  • Translator
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • International Sales
  • Bilingual Editor
  • Journalist
  • ESL Teacher
  • Immigration Agent
  • Embassy Personnel
  • Study-Abroad Coordinator
  • English Teacher Abroad
  • Importer/Exporter
  • Government Agent
  • Peace Corps Volunteer