Hiram College

Asian Studies Minor

Traditional Undergraduate

Understanding world cultures

Asian Studies contributes to developing a fuller and more accurate account of world cultures, societies, and religious traditions, as well as national and ethnic identity formation. It also examines the particular ways Asian political, historical, and cultural developments help to articulate their local interests and our interrelated global citizenry.


Who Are Hiram’s Asian Studies Students?

Students in Hiram’s Asian Studies minor are intrigued by world cultures, societies, and the way national and ethnic identities form.  They are intrigued by the ways Asian political, historical, and cultural developments shed light on local interests and the world’s citizens. Students in Asian Studies might also pursue International Studies, History, Classical & Medieval Studies, or one of the other academic programs that Hiram has to offer.

  • Peace Corps Prep Program

    Hiram College began offering a Peace Corps Preparatory Program in Fall 2014. We are one of only three colleges/universities in Ohio to offer a program officially designated as preparation for Peace Corps service.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Within the Office of Student Life, we offer several support functions, services, and opportunities for students of diverse backgrounds and to those interested engaging in the backgrounds of others.

Merose Hwang Headshot

Merose Hwang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History
Program Coordinator for Asian Studies Minor and the Peace Corps Prep Program
Advisor for the Eclectic Scholars Honors Program

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