Hiram College

The Power of Art and Design

Hiram’s Art and Design major is structured to assist students in turning their ideas into realities. They learn how to constructively critique their own work and ideas, merging their thoughts with research, experience, or other circumstances that influence their world. From learning art history to constructing their own masterpiece, students learn how to understand themselves, the artifacts they study, and the complex world around them.

Program Overview

All majors begin with taking a core set of design and history courses that develop technical, formal, and conceptual skills. Students then have the opportunity to specialize in one of three pathways: studio art, photography/film, or digital design studies.

Toward the end of their exploration in these pathways, students immerse themselves in upper level courses that culminate in a capstone experience: the presentation of a technically proficient and conceptually cohesive visual portfolio. Art & Design majors will produce a body of visual work that expresses an original statement on a single idea or concept. This work will demonstrate an understanding of the creative process and an awareness of contemporary issues, art history, ideas from other disciplines, and/or aspects of personal experience. Often, this capstone experience is showcased in the Gelbke Fine Arts Gallery in a Senior Class Exhibition.

Major Outcomes

Throughout their time at Hiram College, students will compose a portfolio of diverse pieces that express their growth that includes many of the projects they develop.

Our students can demonstrate craftsmanship in utilizing the tools and technical skills associated with their chosen media, as well as versatility in utilizing both hand-crafted and digital media. Majors exhibit sophistication in applying formal design and composition principles as they pertain to both fine art and applied design contexts.

Our scholars demonstrate professional skills that are applicable to their future careers in art and design, as well as many other fields. They understand professional standards of presentation and exhibition, such as hanging and displaying their own work correctly. Furthermore, they know how to utilize written and oral communication in order to interpret and evaluate both their own work and that of others.

Our students aren’t just prepared to create: They are ready to interpret and re-design the world around them with an analytical and skillful eye.


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