Hiram College

About the Art and Design Program

Hiram’s Art and Design major is structured to assist students in realizing learning outcomes.

Program Learning Outcomes

Art & Design majors will be able to:

  • Produce a body of visual work that expresses an original statement on a single idea or concept. Such work will demonstrate a creative process, an awareness of contemporary issue, art history, ideas from other disciplines and/or aspects of personal experience.
  • Demonstrate craftsmanship in utilizing the tools and technical skills associated with their chosen media, as well as versatility in utilizing hand-crafted and digital media, and professional standards of presentation and exhibition.
  • Exhibit sophistication in applying formal design and composition principles as they pertain to both fine art and applied design contexts.
  • Utilize written and oral communication skills in order to interpret and evaluate art and design that is their own as well as work produced by others.
  • Demonstrate professional practices applicable to a future art or design-related career.