Hiram College


Applied Computer Science Curriculum

an interdisciplinary approach

The major incorporates an interdisciplinary approach, and expects the student to develop connections between computer science and another field or fields of study. A student who is interested in computer engineering can also participate in Hiram's dual degree program, in which three years of study are spent at Hiram, followed by two years at Case Western Reserve University, to earn two bachelor's degrees.


The applied computer science major requires nine courses plus one or more approved minors in another discipline.

I. Applied computer science core courses

  • Introductory course: CPSC 17100 or CPSC 16600 Computers and Entertainment
  • CPSC 17200
  • CPSC 20100
  • CPSC 24000

II. Four applied computer science electives

One at the 2xxxx level and three at the 3xxxx level. At least one of the elective courses should include significant group work – either one of the group work courses listed under the computer science major or an alternative approved by the Computer Science Department.

III. Sufficient coursework to constitute at least a minor in another discipline

Coursework is subject to approval by the Computer Science Department.

IV. An interdisciplinary capstone project

The capstone should express a relationship between the student’s minor discipline(s) and computer science.

Example Applied Computer Science Tracks

The following examples are illustrative only and not comprehensive.

Computer Information Systems: Management or Entrepreneurship Minor

  • CPSC 35600 Database Design
  • CPSC 37500 Software Engineering
  • CPSC 32210 User Interface Design
  • CPSC 22400 Internet Administration

Information Technology: Management or Communication Minor

  • CPSC 35200 Computer Security
  • CPSC 36300 Computer Networking
  • CPSC 34500 Operating Systems
  • CPSC 20500 Systems Programming

Digital Media: Art, Photography, Creative Writing or Communication Minor

  • CPSC 16600 Computers and Entertainment
  • CPSC 32201 User Interface Design
  • CPSC 35600 Database Design
  • CPSC 38600 Artificial Intelligence or CPSC 38700 Computer Graphics
  • CPSC 21000 Designing and Building Computer Games or CPSC 22400 Internet Administration

Scientific Computing: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies or Physics Minor

  • CPSC 2xxxx Introduction to Data Analytics
  • CPSC 35600 Database Design
  • CPSC 35800 Introduction to Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • CPSC 36100 Simulation
  • INTD 38800 Bioinformatics

Requirements for Departmental Honors

Besides meeting the college grade-point average requirements, a student must perform exemplary work in the Applied Computer Science Capstone.

Departmental Grade Point Average

Computer science calculates the departmental grade-point average by counting all computer science courses, whether meeting the minimum requirements or not.