Guided Research

Any Hiram student with drive, curiosity and enthusiasm can step into guided research projects with faculty.

Image: Students outside on campus


The opportunities Hiram students have to work one-on-one with faculty are often reserved for graduate students and upperclassmen at larger universities. But at Hiram, our faculty relish the opportunity to work with undergraduates to perform the same level of work. The result for our students is excellent preparation for graduate school and laboratory careers and the opportunity to gain and discover knowledge beyond the textbook.


You must register your Hiram Connect research during a particular semester, following all of the same deadlines for courses (Example: if you are completing your research experience during the Spring 12-week, you must register for the CNXT course during that term). This means that you can no longer retroactively count a research experience for Hiram Connect. You must enroll in the Connect course (CNXT) to register your research experience within the first two weeks of the term.

  1. Complete the Hiram Connect Research Learning Agreement.
    The learning agreement is an online form found on Handshake. View Instructions on accessing and completing the learning agreement through Handshake.
  2. Complete the registration form to add the CNXT 0-credit course.
    Once you complete the learning agreement through Handshake, you will receive an email with a pre-filled registration form that you will need to sign and send to the Registrar. Please note that this must be submitted before the deadline to add courses in a particular term.
  3. Complete your Hiram Connect experiential learning hours.
    A minimum of 120 hours in your research is required for Hiram Connect.
  4. Complete the reflection assignment.
    Once you are nearing the end of the semester, you must complete the reflection assignment and upload it to your ePortfolio.

View further instructions on how to upload your reflection assignment to your ePortfolio and for the reflection writing prompt.