Hiram College

Broaden your mind and learn new skills that can help you become a valuable asset in today’s business world. Relevant coursework in a variety of areas can help you become a more well-rounded student with knowledge in everything from business and journalism to environmental studies and fracking.

All students will complete 21 credit hours of required courses, and nine credit hours of approved discipline-based course electives. At Hiram College, you can complete your MAIS degree through our Weekend College program in as little as two and half years.

Program breakdown and schedule (30 credit hours total)

Year 1, semester 1

  • MAIS 57100: Interdisciplinary Inquiry
  • MAIS 57200: Interdisciplinary Inquiry

Year 1, semester 2

  • MAIS 57300:Methods and Approaches of the Disciplines
  • Disciplinary Elective 1

Year 1, semester 3 (Summer or Fall depending on start date)

  • Disciplinary Electives 2 and 3

Year 2, semester 1

  • MAIS 55780: Proposal Development
  • Disciplinary Elective 4

Year 2, semester 2

  • MAIS 55800 and 55820: Capstone I and II

Sample of approved discipline-based electives:

  • What is Wisdom
  • Exploration into Explorations
  • Life of Literacy
  • Mental Illness in the U.S.
  • Critical Film Studies
  • What is Economic Depression
  • What is Science