Early Assurance MBA Program

Image: Early Assurance MBA Program with Thiel


In partnership with Thiel College in Greenville, Pennsylvania, Hiram has established an early assurance program that creates a seamless progression of academic courses from the Bachelor of Arts to the Master of Business Administration at Thiel.

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Program Details

Qualified Hiram College undergraduates in the Scarborough School of Business and Communication may apply, and may receive conditional admission to the MBA program at Thiel College, as qualifying juniors if specified standards are met and maintained (at least 3.0 overall GPA and 3.0 GPA in coursework in the Scarborough School of Business and Communication). Those who are admitted will also be guaranteed a Graduate Assistant scholarship award. Both the admission and scholarship offers will be contingent upon completion of a Hiram College Scarborough School of Business and Communication degree, with an acceptable academic and personal record. Accepted students will not be obligated to enroll in the MBA program at Thiel College but will receive the “early assurance” that their seats and Graduate Assistantships are being held for them. Students who choose not to apply via the early assurance program can still apply as seniors using the standard application process.


A student is eligible to apply to the MBA Early Assurance program if he or she:

  1. Is a junior-level Scarborough School of Business and Communication undergraduate major at Hiram College meeting the following requirements:
    a. Is currently enrolled as an undergraduate seeking a Bachelor’s degree from the Scarborough School of Business and Communication at Hiram College
    b. Completes a successful interview with Thiel MBA Program Director
    c. Has earned a minimum 3.0 overall cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale and a 3.0 GPA in all coursework in the Scarborough School of Business and Communication upon graduation from Hiram College.

Faculty at Hiram College have first responsibility to identify promising candidates. Faculty may nominate any of their students who meet the academic qualifications during their junior year by referring the students to Anthony J. Kos, Ph.D. MBA Program Director at Thiel College. After a student has been referred to MBA program, they will participate in a video interview with Or. Kos. Any student determined, during this interview, to meet the eligibility requirements will be permitted to apply under the terms of the Early Assurance program.