Hiram College

The capstone course creates opportunities for reflection, assessment, integration and demonstration of competence to unify and support the individual's experience in the Master's of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program. Individuals must have the proposal for the capstone project approved by the Graduate Studies Council prior to enrolling in the capstone course.

Capstone project topics might be drawn from a student's personal or professional domain. The research project begins at the end of the first year as students are challenged to search for a topic. Then they develop a formal research proposal. The work continues throughout the second year, culminating in a public presentation before fellow students and faculty.

Recent capstone titles include the following:

  • Debating Glass-Steagall: The creation, the dissection, the revival
    • by Sandra Stack-Potjunas, Class of 2016
  • In their own voices: Why women worked in post-war America
    • by Michelle Badanjek, Class of 2015
  • Recommender systems as persuasion technology: An e-commerce perspective
    • by Melinda McGucken, Class of 2015
  • The role of street art and grassroots public art in neighborhood revitalization
    • by Lisa Ramsey, Class of 2015
  • What does science teach us about baseball pitching: How do the traditional methods of coaching stack up to scientific best practices?
    • by John Love, Class of 2014
  • Analyzing the educational and linguistic effectiveness of teaching English to speakers of other languages
    • by Philip Major, Class of 2014