Program Costs

Image: Class looking at wildlife at the field station

School group programs will require a minimum fee of $100 for up to 20 participants.  An extra $4 per person above 20 participants will be required. There is no cost for parents or chaperons. We do expect adult chaperones to assist with student management and engagement.  We expect a chaperone to student ratio of 1:10 for group PreK – 8, and 1:20 for grades 9-12.  Title I school districts are encouraged to apply for free or reduced fees.  


Special request programs can be accommodated. Lectures and workshops for adults are available on a wide variety of topics, as are teacher and informal educator workshops for those needing science CEUs or non-degree oriented graduate credit for license renewal.

Outreach Program Costs

Fees for lectures, workshops, and public outreach programs not directly presented to groups of school aged children will be offered at a flat rate based on the specific program(s), time, and distance travelled away from the Field Station.  Outreach programs typically cost $100 but may cost more if animal ambassador transportation and/or travel of more than 25 minutes from the Field Station is required.  Please contact us directly to arrange for your tailored program.

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