Hiram College

The Emerging Scholars Scholar Curriculum

As Hiram College does not offer remedial courses, you will enroll in classes that are offered to all students in the general education program. However, your faculty advisor and program Director will work closely with you to select courses that are a good fit for your individual interests and academic fit. In addition, you will be required to enroll in two student development courses—STDV 195 Effective and Reflective Learning and STDV 280 Making

Connections—two sections of which have been reserved for Emerging Scholars only. A more detailed description of the required STDV courses is below:

  • STDV 195 Effective and Reflective Learning (2 credit hours) – This course assists you with becoming a more confident, engaged and effective learner and regularly self-reflective to understand how your college education integrates with other aspects of your life. You will gain an understanding of learning theories and their practical application as they relate to the mastery of classroom coursework.
  • STDV 280 Making Connections (1 credit hour) – This course will give you an ongoing orientation to college life at Hiram College. It will highlight available services and opportunities around Hiram. You will reflect on your personal experiences as develop communication skills while making connections to the Hiram Community.

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