Transfer Credit Guide and Policy

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Each year Hiram College welcomes transfer students from accredited two- and four-year institutions for the fall and the spring semesters. Hiram’s small academic village environment, emphasizes on hands-on learning, range of off-campus study opportunities, and The Hiram Plan—the College’s distinct academic calendar—combine to offer the best possible transition, education, and college experience for students coming from other institutions.

Students transferring to Hiram College with an earned associate’s degree or students who have earned 64 or more credits may transfer those credits as a block and will meet the requirements of the Core/Urgent Challenges Curriculum.


Hiram College works closely with each student to review their transcripts from previous institutions to determine which credits are transferrable. If you want to get ahead of the game before admission to see what equivalencies are already in place, please visit Transferology

You can view equivalencies already in place through the Transfer Evaluation System, or you can visit Transferology which contains information about how courses will transfer to Hiram College. Hiram College will also evaluate transcripts from any institution(s) where CCP credit (College Credit Plus) is earned. You will be notified how your previous courses apply to your Hiram College degree. If you need guidance or have questions regarding the transfer evaluation process please contact Jennifer Pappa, Student Records and Transfer Credit Specialist at or 330.569.5214 if you have specific questions about the transfer student admission process or visit the Hiram College Catalog

Hiram College has everything you need to help you easily transfer!

Additional Information

Hiram College awards credit for selected Advanced Placement, Cambridge Advanced Level International Examinations, examinations completed through the College Level Examinations Program (CLEP), and International Baccalaureate Examinations.

The credit keys below list the examinations for which Hiram College awards credit, the minimum scores required, credit hours awarded, and any Hiram College core requirements the credits may fulfill.

Transient Coursework

A currently enrolled Hiram College student may take courses as a transient student at another accredited college or university. A Transient Student Authorization Form must be completed and submitted to the Registrar’s Office for written approval of the courses prior to the student registering for the courses.

Please note: Students must receive a letter grade of C or higher and prior approval in order for the credits to be considered transferable toward their Hiram degree. If courses are to be applied toward a student’s major or minor, written approval from the student’s major department or advisor must be obtained on the Transient Student Authorization Form. Students who are regularly enrolled in another college or university may register as transient students to take a limited amount of work at Hiram College without becoming candidates for a Hiram degree.